Michael Moreci (writer of Hoax Hunters) and Vic Malhotra (artist for Thumbprint) unite to present Roche Limit, a pulpy neo-noir romp in space described by Image comics as “part 2001: A Space Odyssey and part Blade Runner.” The result is a blend of thrilling and introspective…

x-files year zero #03


What’s up guys?X-Files Year Zero #03 came out last wednesday and I’m here to show a few of my favorite pages from this issue! (Not all! I can’t show you all!)





These pages were beautifuly ilustrated by my pal Vic Malhotra.

X-Files Year Zero #03 published by IDW, written by Karl Kesel, with pencils and inks by Vic Malhotra and Greg Scott, all colored by yours truly.

And look what popped up. Some colour pages from the issue by colourist Mat Lopes. Go give Mat a follow, he’s a great new colourist that has big things ahead of him. Plus he puts up with my demanding non-sense


X-Files: Year Zero #3

Pages 1 to 6.

Karl Kesel delivered a great script, once again. This time giving us a fun resolution to the events that began in the previous issue.

The cabin interior in the first few pages was fun to draw. I probably went a bit overboard with the dry brush on the walls, but I found it to be a quick and easy way to lead the eye to the important information in each panel. Did I mention that due to the deadline for this issue and me taking a trip while drawing this, some of these pages were drawn on the beaches of Prince Edward Island. That sounds more glamorous that it was, honest.

For the Manitou, the show never really gave a good glimpse of what the beast actually looked like (Season 1 episode “Shapes”). In the few screenshots you can find online it just looks like a bad werewolf costume. The close-ups on the face looked better. Either way, I just made it up for the most part. I wanted to embrace a bit of what I saw in the show, the part that was kind of like a cheesy costume.

The rest of the pages I’ve posted here are mostly just me finding interesting ways to stage conversations. Finding framing devices, changing the angles (up,down) and trying to bring across the personalities of the characters across in there body language.

On page 5 panel 5, I opted for a good ol’ Hugo Pratt neck up panel. I always liked these panels in his Corto Maltese books.

Back to work. Wrapping up issue 5 this weekend.



A comiXologist Recommends:
Michael Crowe recommends Roche Limit #1 by michael-moreci & vicmalhotra

Roche Limit is unlike any other place in the universe. A small space colony situated on the edge of a massive and mysterious energy anomaly, it is home to countless terran transplants. First envisioned as a waypoint to greater exploration, the colony has since descended into lawlessness.

Set against this backdrop, writer Michael Moreci guides us through the seedy underbelly of this frontier city, giving us a glimpse of life on the fringe. The heart of this narrative is rooted in mystery, wrapped in noir, with the neon glow of cyberpunk encasing it all. Nothing is as it seems and every question answered is two steps forward, one step back. The sudden disappearance of Bekkah Hudson catapults her sister into this world and sends her on journey for answers. But Bekkah isn’t the only girl missing, and her sister isn’t the only one with questions. Where these questions lead is anyone’s guess, but in a place like this, they might go better unanswered.

The art, by Vic Malhotra, is rich and detailed. Vic effortlessly creates a world that is both remarkable yet average. It is a place, seemingly a few minutes in the future, yet unimaginable in our lifetimes. The neon colors and lights of the city beguile its dark secrets. The character designs mirror this vibrancy, while little details illuminate their inner workings. Vic’s diagrams and posters also add to the depth of this world. Together, Michel Moreci and Vic Malhotra have birthed a new and exciting series sure to capture the hearts and minds of scifi and mystery readers a like. For more grim adventures be sure to check out Hoax Hunters written by Michael Moreci and Joe Hill’s Thumbprint illustrated by Vic Malhotra.

[Read Roche Limit #1 on comiXology]

Michael Crowe works on the digital assets/launch team by day and writes comics and prose by night. He’s an avid consumer of comics and all things sci-fi.

Where to find me.

So Roche Limit is out this Wednesday. The Roche Limit team is pretty darned excited for the release. Mostly so we can finally get the first issue of this fantastical sci-fi/noir story into the world (and your paws)

Here’s my schedule for the next few weeks. (other than the indicated dates, I’ll be hunched over my drawing table finishing up issue 2!)

— Wednesday Sept. 24 - I’ll be signing at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Alberta (This is one of my hometown stores. They’re amazing! Edmonton is actually riddled with a number of great comic book shops. Wealth of comics!)

More info on that one right here..


— September 26th - 28th (Friday - Sunday)

I’ll be at Edmonton Expo which is a newer convention (Third year?) but the show has grown like crazy. I’ll be taking a limited number of commission sketches while there and will have some comics and original art with me. Of course I’ll sign any and everything you bring (Anyone’s comics are fair game)

I’ll be participating in an Image Comics Panel on Saturday afternoon (you’ll need to check the schedule for time and room)

Information here - http://edmontonexpo.com/

— Wednesday, October 1st

I’ll be at Alpha Comics in Calgary, Alberta. Bring the copy of Roche Limit you bought on the release date! The third issue of X-Files: Year Zero comes out on October 1st as well. I’ll be sketching and signing stuff!

Info here… http://alphacomics.ca/vic-malhotra-signing-october-1st-for-roche-limit-1/

— And lastly!

I’ll be at Lethbridge Comic Con October 17th - 19th.

Sketches, comics, signing. All that fun stuff.

Info… http://lethbridgecomiccon.com/index.html


X-Files Xmas Special #1 - Variant cover by me.

Out this December.

Full solicitation information here.


The KING… Jack Kirby.

The KING… Jack Kirby.

First 4 pages from X-Files: Year Zero #2 out tomorrow (technically today!)

Thought I’d post these here, since the preview is out (with the coloured lettered pages)

This issue was really fun to draw. There are some fun scenery changes and moments of tension.


A tiny panel from X-Files: Year Zero #3. 
Firstly - I’ve learned to freehand a lot of lines over the last while. I like the overall feel it gives to a piece. Sometimes one or two ruled lines can add structure when you have lots of free handed lines, but often times they can ruin the whole feel or reality of the piece. Case by case, I guess.
It’s important to layout your perspective accurately though.

Secondly - I kind of love the shapes of the car exhaust in this panel.


A tiny panel from X-Files: Year Zero #3.

Firstly - I’ve learned to freehand a lot of lines over the last while. I like the overall feel it gives to a piece. Sometimes one or two ruled lines can add structure when you have lots of free handed lines, but often times they can ruin the whole feel or reality of the piece. Case by case, I guess.

It’s important to layout your perspective accurately though.

Secondly - I kind of love the shapes of the car exhaust in this panel.


Talking Comix: Thumbprint #2 - Pages 14 and 15.

Here’s the black and white art and the colour art for a double page spread from Thumbprint which is a book I did last year.

My editor insisted I colour the book as well as draw it and it was a daunting task, but I learned a hell of a lot doing it. I’ll probably colour my own work again someday (I still colour some of the covers I do), but it’s nice to see what a great colourist can add to your work. it’s one of the best things about collaborating.

As far as the linework for this book and even for most of my stuff now, I always strive to capture some sort of urgency to the line and to the brush strokes. It’s very specific and I rarely hit the mark, but I think I’m getting better at it. I don’t think this example really worked as well as I’d wanted, but it’s still looks pretty good to me and was as good as I could do at the time.

For the colours, I planned from the layout stage to tackle the sky and the desert with colour and spent a good deal of time working on a digital painting that complimented the rough art. I spent a lot of time making a few custom brushes that gave me a good dry brush effect and used those brushes a ton for this book.

I’m not a big fan of using blur effects and that sort of thing on comic art, but I thought it added something here and the rest of the Thumbprint team liked it as well.

As for those small impact panels. I don’t think it was scripted that way, but I wanted to slow down and focus on how much of a rag doll the guy looked like as his body made contact with the ground.



ROCHE LIMIT—A melting pot of crime, on the edge of the cosmos
An all-new ongoing hardboiled crime mystery set in a science-fiction world by Michael Moreci (HOAX HUNTERS, HACK/SLASH: SON OF SAMHAIN) and Vic Malhotra (X-Files: Year Zero, Thumbprint)

Guardians Month: Vic Malhotra



Vic Malhotra is the artist on the upcoming Image book “Roche Limit,” written by Michael Moreci. In addition to that, he is also illustration half of “X-Files: Year Zero,” and is the noir half of the amazing “Tiger Lawyer.” Last year, he was the artist on “Thumbprint” with Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella from IDW, which is an adaptation of Hill’s novella of the same name. Check out hisTumblr, his blog, and follow him on Twitter (@VicMalholtra)!

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